I am the Head of Computational Social Science Research of The Alan Turing Institute, and I lead the Policy Modelling Theme at the Institute's Public Policy Programme. I am an economist by training, and I have a PhD in Computational Social Science (CSS) from George Mason University. Previously, I worked at University College London and at Oxford University. I research on different aspects of CSS, including methodology, large-scale data analysis, and different modelling flavours. I also enjoy translating this research into useful tools to help solving problems of public interest, leading me to work with various governments and international organisations around the world. At the moment, I am working on topics related to labour mobility, sustainable development, public administration, technological change, housing markets, and wealth inequality. If you wish to learn more or get involved do not hesitate in contacting me at oguerrero@turing.ac.uk.

Currently hiring!

I am looking to hire three postdocs in CSS to join my growing team at The Alan Turing Institute. They will work as part of the Policy Modelling Theme, in an exciting research environment, and with a unique opportunity to make an impact in real-world policymaking. These positions are for 2 years and are in three different areas (application deadline is October 17):

- Wealth inequality: https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/turing/jobs/postdoctoral_research_associate_policy_modelling_for_wealth_inequality_16729/en/
- Housing policy modelling: https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/turing/jobs/postdoctoral_research_associate_computational_social_science_16736/en/
- Text analysis and causal inference: https://cezanneondemand.intervieweb.it/turing/jobs/postdoctoral_research_associate_text_analysis_and_causal_inference_16754/en/